2018 Fall Auction

1. Introduction

Welcome to the 2018 fall auction. The auction represents one of the Atlanta Orchid Society’s main fundraising events, which helps fund our annual show and sale in the spring, as well as our monthly educational programs.

This year, Mark Reinke has put together a nice collection of plants from the Cattleya, Cypripedium, and Dendrobium alliances. In this booklet, we have pulled together an alphabetical list with pictures and basic cultural information for some of the plants that will be up for auction. Not everything available is in this book, and some items that are in this book might not be auctioned off tonight due to either time constraints or some other reasons. Mark Reinke is our Auctioneer again this year.

A digital copy of this booklet may be obtained by emailing Jason Mills-Shoulta. It is also available online at http://www.twyst.org/atlos/fall-2018

2. Acknowledgements

Many of the plants were either donated to the Society, or provided to us at a significant discount. Some of the people and businesses involved in helping us with the auction this year include, but are not limited to, the following. Thank you to everyone who donated or who is helping with the auction.

3. Disclaimers

We do not claim ownership of the photos used in this booklet, and believe this work to be in compliance with fair use exclusions.

Cultural information is a basic guideline and may or may not be accurate. Please validate any of the information herein with your own research and the conditions of your growing space.

4. Icon Keys


5. Plant List